Williams Yukon

Williams Yukon
Williams Yukon Williams Yukon Williams Yukon Williams Yukon Williams Yukon Williams Yukon
As Williams approaches its 100th anniversary it was fitting to name this new series after the territory that was an intefral part of the history of Williams. The Williams brothers from Nova Scotia travelled to the Yukon and hit pay dirt in the Yukon gold rush of 1898. They sold or exhausted their claim after a few years and 2 of the brothers eventually found themselves respectively in southern Ontario and Upstate New York having parlayed their strike into the dental and gold refining business. Being anglers they experimented and developed the Williams Wabler which they began to market in or about 1916.

The new Yukon is a wide bodied 1/2 oz casting spoon. Finished in the trademark Williams' precious metal finishes of genuine silver and 24k gold, the Yukon is a multi-species spoon for Trout, Salmon, Walleye and Northern Pike.

Nothing reflects any and all available light like genuine silver and 24k gold. Offered in 6 colors, all have a red treble with red tube and 3D eye that are both UV reactive.

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