Juha Fischer from Muurola (Rovaniemi)

He is a well-known hunter and  a fisherman with 45 years of experience in fishing.
He has won a great number of fishing tournaments.

You can see his short story about himself (in Finnish language) here: Ekspertit

How I started to believe in MegaStrike Attractant:

When I was offered to test the MegaStrike Attractant, I said, ‘I don’t believe that fish will react to it!’ However, the director at Felitsa Oy was quite persistent in his asking, and after we went fishing together a few times, I got convinced that the man really knew something about fishing. Therefore, I agreed to test the effectiveness of the MegaStrike Attractant under real conditions.

I remembered my promise by chance when I was fishing with my friend on a small lake near Rovaniemi. The fishing wasn’t great as we had caught only one pike each in three hours. When I was taking a short break to relax, I saw a MegaStrike Attractant tube in my spoon box. Let’s see what “a unique product” it is, I thought.

When we finished fishing a couple of hours later, I had 7 pikes and my friend, an experienced fisherman indeed, had 3 pikes. 6:2 to the MegaStrike Attractant! I used the product quite often after that fishing, and once it helped me win a pike fishing tournament, at the end of which I had 15 pikes, whereas the runner-up showed the referee only 6 pikes.

The director at Felitsa Oy came to Rovaniemi in November, and I told him about my testing experience and admitted that he had been right. The MegaStrike Attractant really works and it does stand out from all the other similar products by its effectiveness. He asked me to tell my friends about my testing experience.

We dropped in at Karhun Jalki and Ollin erä ja kalastus shops the owners of which are my good friends. What do you think I heard in response after I told them my story? ‘I don’t believe that fish will react to it!’ they said, and I burst out laughing. I’m sure that my friends will soon be convinced that the product works.

I’ve heard that the MegaStrike Attractant demonstrated good results at winter zander fishing in the USA and in Russia. I’m going to make sure that our Finnish zander will also like the MegaStrike Attractant. You’ll find the winter test results here on this page soon.