A-Elita tip-up

A-Elita tip-up
A-Elita tip-up A-Elita tip-up A-Elita tip-up A-Elita tip-up A-Elita tip-up A-Elita tip-up
A-Elita tip-ups
Special fishing tackle is probably used in every country where ice fishing is popular. It's called "ice fishing tip-up" in English, "zherlitsa" in Russian and "ootto-onki" in Finnish.

Tip-ups with a spool are the most widespread. However, they have a considerable drawback. For several reasons (frost, maladjustment, abrupt temperature change while fishing) the spool can be obstructive to smooth unwinding of the fishing line after the fish has bitten the lure. It can make the fish spit the lure off, and you will lose your trophy.

Tip-ups developed by the experts of the Russian company Apico-Fish and manufactured under the trademark A-Elita don't have this drawback. Products manufactured by Apico-Fish are represented on the Finnish market by Felitsa Oy.

A-Elita tip-ups were tested in various Russian regions in the harshest climatic conditions. It allows us to affirm that this tip-up design can be successfully used under the conditions of the Finnish winter.

The structure of an A-Elita tip-up is very simple.

The base is designed to fit a hole up to 150mm in diameter.

The base has a groove which the stand fork is inserted into.
The stick is fixed into the stand fork. One side of the stick is used for winding the fishing line. The signal flag is attached to the other side.
When working, A-Elita tip-up is fixed with the aid of a rubber ring.
The whole process of fixing the tip-up and placing the lure at the right depth won't take you more than a minute.
The process of fixing, the operating position and the state of the tip-up after the fish has bitten can be clearly seen in the photos.

When the fish bites, the fishing line wound on the stick lowers down to the base. The fish, lure in mouth, moves off from the hole. At the same time the fishing line unwinds easily, without getting tangled. The bright and seen from afar flag will give you a hint about what's happened.

The A-Elita tip-up can be used to catch various fish: pike, zander, perch, trout, lake salmon. Different hooks and fishing lines are needed for each of these kinds of fish, and if you want to catch pike, you will need a metal fishing leader. This is why we don't deliver A-Elita tip-ups fully ready for fishing but give you freedom of creation and the opportunity of using it under different conditions.

Please write to us about your experience of using A-Elita tip-ups.

We wish you successful fishing and record trophies!

You can download English user's guide here

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